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Your Market Position's Foundation
Emissary offers a unique approach to PR, founded in a focus of only working with select B2B / B2C tech companies. Emissary’s tech PR approach establishes and sustains market credibility alongside consistent online awareness that any successful tech company must have. Your leading competition is very likely doing PR and you must address it with your own PR. Or perhaps you’re just launching into a new space that you must lay claim to. Either way, Emissary’s unique PR is your ticket to success.
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Enhancing Brand Awareness
Successful tech companies understand social media is no longer a luxury – it is a requirement for all. Emissary offers a unique approach to leverage social media in multiple manners, whether you want to be an avid or passive user. Emissary leverages PR successes in social media, not just for a more meaningful social media presence but, also to enhance market credibility and online awareness.
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Reinforcing Brand Credibility
Traditional marketing continues to play a starring role – despite what any pundits say – and is a requirement for any tech company to properly compete. Emissary provides a unique approach to traditional and new digital marketing by leveraging PR and social media successes for truly enhanced marketing. Your marketing must be meaningful. To do this, it must leverage the credibility of PR. Emissary’s approach does just this and ensures optimal marketing mindshare for your products or services.


About Emissary
In business since 1999, Emissary has vast and strong experience working with a variety of B2B and B2C technology companies. This experience includes early-stage startups on up to large publicly-trade global companies throughout the USA, Europe, Asia and more. It also includes all types of technologies, from chips and the boxes running them to the software running atop, whether for telecom, networking, consumers or vertical markets. Emissary has a long and proven track record of success based on unique tech PR, tech social media and tech marketing practices.