Public Relations

Public Relations Consultant

Media Relations

Leverages tools such as press releases to create attention and ultimately media coverage for your brand. This begins with story development and that begins with a solid marketable product. There is no PR that can turnaround a bad product done at the wrong time and with poor leadership. But, if you have the opposite of this, then you likely have a story we can use to make you shine. This is also the most effective way to impact SEO.

Authentic Link Building

Google has pretty much said if you want to show up high on their results for searches, then be sure high-quality sites are linking to yours. Routinely, this means news / media sites that are visited by customers you’re targeting because they value such news. Win the media’s attention and this starts to shape link-building in a truly authentic way.

Press Releases

Many companies today make the mistake of trying to use press releases only for SEO. While strategically written content in a press release can help shape SEO, don’t forget that getting media to write what’s in your press release is the ultimate SEO win. After all, press releases were invented for media coverage, not SEO.

SEO-Optimized Web Content

Almost all content on all pages and posts done online can benefit from SEO optimizations. But, make sure the optimization is elegantly done in a way that keeps users reading your pages and posts. If they don’t engage, then your SEO suffers.

Analyst Relations

Some companies can benefit from industry analyst relations – where we target influencing the influencers. Industry analysts must be aware of industry occurrences, which means industry players. So, if you’re relevant, you should be sure industry analysts are consistently aware of you.

Product Review Programs

The value of product review programs – getting those five-star rating and editor’s choice wins – is quite well know among marketers. But, don’t forget the PR and SEO values these also provide. If a product review program is applicable for your brand, we’ll uncover that.

Contributed Article Programs

Writing an article to have published in key trade magazines can be a fruitful endeavor for B2B companies. They provide proof of industry thought leadership. At the very least, they lead to PR and SEO wins.

Speaker Programs

While most industry events are pay-to-play, if you have executive thought leaders that should be heard, we’ll be sure to explore it and help position them for success to speak at key trade events.

Strategic Positioning

Whether you need to establish a market position or re-position your existing one, PR is the starting point. We’ll work to create the new key messaging to influence the market and drive home desired market perceptions.

All Other PR Elements

Is something missing? Don’t worry, it’s likely Emissary has done it.