Emissary Communications, Inc.

Marketing Consultant

Comprehensive Support

Marketing Capabilities

While PR is the core competency, many companies over the years have also asked for a helping hand with other marketing elements…

Content Writing

Emissary writes it all and this includes newsletters, blogs, social posts, data sheets, brochures, application notes, whitepapers, ebooks, presentations, etc., etc.

Website & SEO Management

Includes WordPress-based website development and management. SEO management includes on-site and off-site implementations, such as keyword management, page optimizations, and more.

Newsletter Management

Use newsletters apps as an additional channel to keep in touch with existing and potential customers or for internal communications. They are useful to promote PR wins, sales opportunities, company news, and more.

Ad Program Management

If you’re already successful with PR and marketing, and no longer falling on deaf ears, it’s time to consider whether an ad program can help accelerate customer growth: from online ads to Google Ads or social media ads.

Corporate Photography

A photo continues to be worth more than a thousand words. However, it is always best if it’s commercial-grade and not shot on iPhone, as some like to suggest. Emissary has in-house capabilities for both.

Video Productions

The use of video might also be worthwhile for your company – it usually is. Video should be used to enhance various PR and marketing elements. After all, YouTube is the second largest search engine.

Additional Marketing Support

  • Graphic design management, such as logos, illustrations, product renderings, etc.
  • Trade show management, such as exhibiting, booth management, etc.
  • PR firm management if you already have a PR firm, need additional support, and want help managing your existing firm