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Today’s successful startups and SMBs understand that establishing and maintaining an online presence is everything and that website SEO tactics are just a very small part of what needs to be done. You understand this means conducting media relations and influencer marketing that truly drives your online rankings and visibility. You understand that online ads and SEO fall on deaf ears if credibility doesn’t show up alongside in the form of press, customer testimonials, etc. You understand social media also plays a role in driving visibility results. In addition, you know direct marketing also still matters, such as a good old newsletter and case studies. You understand that at the heart of it all is your website. If it stinks, nothing else matters. So, you get that you need high-quality, well-written content that includes great photos and video. Maybe you need help with all of it or you just need a helping hand by someone that is very experienced but also affordable. Well, you’re on the right website.

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“Emissary helped us define and implement marketing and PR initiatives that contributed to 6WIND achieving record sales results during our first full year of working together… I highly recommend Emissary to anyone seeking to create compelling marketing activities that help drive measurable results.”
Mr. Eric Carmès
“We needed a PR partner that could help us educate the market and grow awareness. That partner was Emissary. Within six months we had great results… Emissary has helped position us as a leader. I highly recommend Emissary to anyone looking for demonstrable value built on a win-win relationship.”
Steve Rokov
Director of Marketing, Avocent (AESS Group)
“Emissary is an amazing resource and business partner… I would highly recommend Emissary to anyone looking to increase PR visibility, launch creative marketing programs and gain technical credibility in the high tech marketplace.”
Joyce Kim
VP of Marketing, Symmetricom
“Emissary’s PR was important to the success of Lara Networks. Emissary built relationships with key press and analysts, resulting in consistent coverage… I highly recommend Emissary Communications.”
Bhanu Nanduri
VP, Marketing & Business Development, Lara Networks
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