“I love some of the things I see from digital PR, it’s a shame it often gets bucketed with the spammy kind of link building. It’s just as critical as tech SEO, probably more so in many cases.” – John Mueller, Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst

PR Remains a MUST to Start Your Marketing Journey

SEO, SERP, video marketing, content marketing, mobile-first marketing, AI marketing, automated marketing… There exists a dizzying array of old and new jargon for marketing and all of it is billed as a must-do. Certainly, many of them are important but not all of them are applicable even most of the time. What is applicable most of the time is public relations.

Today, most purchasing decisions begin online and whether your search is for “the best car to buy this year” or the “best coffee maker to buy this year,” the findings you’ll uncover are dominated by media results – that is, news outlets. So, if you want to stand a chance to win at any of the latest fads in marketing, it still all starts with media relations, a component of the public relations discipline.

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Don’t Fall on Deaf Ears

You might have plans to make that YouTube video, create blog content every day, send automated marketing communications, rank high online, implement a mobile-first marketing strategy, or post more often to social media – whatever your plans, they are severely weaker without public relations at their foundation.

How will you consistently get lots of YouTube views if you don’t have a captive audience? Who’s going to read your blog posts if you’re not well known? Why would someone open your email newsletter if you have no reputation with them?

You might have limited success at these marketing efforts because maximizing their results starts with public relations to build your market credibility, via media awareness, that influences audiences to pay attention when you implement other marketing activities.

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Equal or Better Results

Agencies can often cost from double to five times what a consultant costs. Furthermore, at an agency, it’s easy to be among one of dozens to hundreds of clients, resulting in a loss of personalized attention.

Working with a consultant provides an almost one-to-one relationship that results in more seamless affinity with your brand, which shows up in the work. It also provides the best opportunity for efficient work continuity.

Rafael, the consultant behind Emissary Communications, has years of top agency experience and 15+ years of experience consulting with dozens of early-stage startups, SMBs and large publicly-traded companies.

Full PR Support

At the heart of this is strong media relations, whether the best fit for you is continuous trade magazine coverage or tier one media coverage.

Public Relations Elements

This includes strategic use of press releases, contributed articles, case studies, and many other PR content to promote milestones.

Marketing Support

Marketing support can consist of full program management, project-based support, or management of other external marketing vendors.

Marketing Elements

Support for marketing elements include website content and some design, digital newsletters, event management for trade shows, ad program management, and more.

Social Media Management

This includes content creation – from content writing to commercial photography or video – and managing posts, influencer programs, and more (all photos seen on this site were done in-house).

Social Media Elements

Social media support include SEO-injected blog research and writing, commercial photography for branding and posts creation, user engagement, and more.


  • “Emissary’s PR was important to the success of Lara Networks. Emissary built relationships with key press and analysts, resulting in consistent coverage. We were routinely featured in leading target trade publications and many of the world’s leading business and daily publications.”

    Mr. Bhanu Nanduri, VP, Marketing & Business Development, Lara Networks

  • “Emissary is an amazing resource and business partner. Their PR and marketing communications skills proved to be critical to our success and the high integrity work ethic made Emissary a pleasure to work with. Emissary can always be counted on to deliver above and beyond expectations and truly delivers business results and value. I would highly recommend Emissary to anyone looking to increase PR visibility, launch creative marketing programs and gain technical credibility in the high tech marketplace.”

    Ms. Joyce Kim, VP of Marketing, Symmetricom

  • “In working with Emissary I was impressed with the excellent organizational, reporting and PR execution skills. I always knew the work being done was in good hands and I highly recommend Emissary to anyone looking for a PR partner that delivers strong, on-time results with good ROI.”

    Ms. Cathi Lane, Director of PR, Spirent Communications

  • “Emissary quickly established itself as an important part of our company, helping us promptly establish a desirable market position with our target audiences. The great results were rapidly evident and are vital to our continued growth. We are extremely pleased with the value, dedication and overall partnership we have with Emissary.”

    Mr. Chris Girardeau, CEO, QoSmetrics

Quick Case Study #1

One hardware technology client had little online presence for product keywords, compared to 5-7 key competitors. Emissary was brought in to use PR to change their online presence. For most keywords, the company wasn’t showing up in the first five pages of search results.

Within six months of concerted PR efforts, the company began showing up on page one or two. Years later, with continued PR efforts, the company continues to enjoy sustained high online search rankings.

Quick Case Study #2

A software company was seeking a PR partner to help them combat competition that was securing media coverage for products and more business that they were not. Since selling online was their primary channel, being found online with positive media coverage was important.

After the first year of PR, marketing and social media efforts with Emissary, the company partner and vice president reported to Emissary that revenue had jumped 20%. Three years later, that revenue growth continued and so do the PR, marketing and social media efforts today.

Quick Case Study #3

A tech company was seeking a PR partner to influence market adoption of a standard, which if occurred could have a significant positive impact on the uptake of their product.

Emissary was brought on when adoption of the industry standard into the company’s main target customer-base was in single-digit percentages. Within two years, that changed to a more than 95 percent adoption rate, leading to a nine-figure acquisition of the company. An outside audit was later done on the value each component of the company had on that sale. It was determined that PR played a 30 percent role.

Quick Case Study #4

A hardware company with recent venture capital funding sought PR assistance to reshape perceptions about the core technology of their product. They were using an adapted legacy technology and applying it as a next-generation solution but, not before necessary market education would shape an understanding of the benefits.

Emissary was brought on to help educate the market. Many press releases, media stories and contributed articles later, the company held a number one market position for their hardware. This resulted in a public company acquiring them for nine figures. As a result, Emissary went on to work with several executives of that company at new companies they ultimately went to.