Public Relations, Marketing & Social Media Management

Create Market Credibility, Routinely Reinforce It, Grow SEO Rankings, While Avoiding Big Agency Fees

ENTER PR: Successfully growing brand recognition starts with creating market credibility. This process is most strongly done via public relations – third-party news stories about successful milestones for your brand. This could be from accomplishing series A funding to getting ranked as an editor’s pick in a key trade magazine. This is for either B2C or B2B companies.

ENTER MARKETING: Various marketing channels can then be used in conjunction with PR to push and reinforce corporate messaging. Along the way, the PR wins provide the credibility to make your marketing worth paying attention to.

SOCIAL MEDIA: This channel can then be used to further drive messaging, for direct consumer engagement, and to further assist with driving SEO rankings.

Together, these elements establish your brand’s reputation, grows it, maintains it, and evolves it as needed. Furthermore, no other tool is more effective than PR (the power of media coverage) at establishing your brand’s credibility and presence online – to getting SEO rankings to blossom.


You will work directly with a consultant having 20+ years of tech PR, marketing and social media experience and success. This includes having previous agency experience at some of the world’s largest PR firms.


Working with a sole consultant instead of an agency will save you thousands each month. and, there are no long-term commitments to work together…



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