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Today’s successful startups and SMBs understand that establishing and maintaining an online presence is everything and that website SEO tactics are just a very small part of what needs to be done. You understand this means conducting media relations and influencer marketing that truly drives your online rankings and visibility. You understand that online ads and SEO fall on deaf ears if credibility doesn’t show up alongside in the form of press, customer testimonials, etc. You understand social media also plays a role in driving visibility results. In addition, you know direct marketing also still matters, such as a good old newsletter and case studies. You understand that at the heart of it all is your website. If it stinks, nothing else matters. So, you get that you need high-quality, well-written content that includes great photos and video. Maybe you need help with all of it or you just need a helping hand by someone that is very experienced but also affordable. Well, you’re on the right website.


Leverage the power of PR to create online and offline visibility that establishes credibility.

Public relations plays a powerful role in establishing and maintaining the reputation of a company or a product. The media continues to be an influential force, not just with potential or existing customers but also with your SEO efforts. Still, nothing creates credibility – offline and online – more than public relations. It’s the minimum marketing effort any company should be doing.


Use marketing to reinforce established credibility with existing and potential customers.

Content marketing is now king. This includes written content and visual content. Leverage all the right marketing tools to reinforce the credibility you establish with PR: newsletters, case studies, your website, eBooks, brochures, videos, advertising – you name it. This is the stuff that reminds existing and potential customers of your brand’s industry position.


Take advantage of social media to enhance your online presence and influence customer perceptions – yes, in B2B too.

Social media is also critical – even for B2B companies. It has a noticeable impact on your online presence – from SEO influence to staying directly top-of-mind with customers. Positively engage in it and your online influence will be rewarded. Disregard it and your brand stands to also be disregarded. It can be informative blog posts or professional photos or video posts – these are the elements that help keep mindshare right from the pockets of consumers.


Work with a very experienced consultant, having previous agency experience, for measurable results.


Working with a sole consultant instead of an agency will save you thousands each month. and, there are no long-term commitments to work together…